26th May – 2nd July 2007, Saltburn Artists’ Projects. Curated by Lauren Healey.

Photographs by Cathal Carey

Kerry Harker’s practice takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the making of visual art, reflecting new developments in the broader creative field, where fashion, craft, music, film and other disciplines are moving closer together into a new category of ‘cultural production’. Her current work has a particular focus on ceramics, painting and the relative status attributed to each. In the West, ceramics has been often been perceived as a poor relation to the high art of painting: however Harker is interested in alternative views of these objects, particularly how they are perceived in Japan.

The exhibition at SALTBURNARTISTS’PROJECTS consisted of two parts: there will be mini-retrospective of unlimited editions in the front space; whilst Harker’s new ceramic installation will be shown in the rear. The editions, including t-shirts mounted facing a mirror with the word ‘narassist’ written backwards across the front and a gold necklace produced by Argos with the word ‘Name’ inscribed on the pendant, will be displayed against walls painted magenta, aqua and canary yellow. The installation Summer Palace consists of around forty text-adorned white domestic plates mounted on a background of highly floral wallpaper, which subverts the audience’s perception of ceramic practice.

A catalogue of the exhibition was also be available for purchase, containing images of Harker’s work, as well as an essay by artist, writer and curator Clare Twomey. This exhibition was supported by additional funding from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme.