I work with creative and cultural organisations, and individual artists and freelancers to develop strong projects with long-term impact. I’m an expert in applying for funding from Arts Council England.

I help organisations with a social focus refresh their business plans, think strategically and embed their philosophy into how they deliver their work. I’m certified Carbon Literate and bring this expertise to support your organisation’s journey to reducing your environmental impact.

Funding support: I act as a critical friend, first getting to know you and your project or organisation and where it fits into your career trajectory or business plan. I then work with you to strengthen your idea in line with Arts Council England priorities, then help you present the project within the application process in the strongest possible way.

I’ve got a great track record – with over eighteen years of writing funding applications to ACE, I’ve only been rejected once. Furthermore, I’ve been both a Relationship Manager and Grant Monitoring Manager at ACE, so I understand the process from both sides.

Depending on the complexity of the project, how advanced it is and your needs, I can work with you from an hour up to several days spread across a few weeks.

Cultural organisations and the climate crisis: Cultural has the power to shape society – in relation to the climate crisis, this is a driver that is currently under-utilised. However, in order to support these vital  cultural programmes, we need structural changes in our arts organisations which acknowledge the colonial roots of the crisis, and also help envision a better society moving forwards.

Via bespoke support, I can help your organisation re-think it’s operations, putting policies in place which align with your mission and vision, whilst avoiding greenwashing.

Get in touch to see how I can help you.